Become a CORE Leadership Circle Facilitator:

Facilitate The Power of a Community of Leaders

Are you an experienced Facilitator, Leadership Coach or Community Builder, current or former Business Leader who is looking for a way to bring your experience and talent to a conscious leadership community?

If you are looking to generate new income streams, and have a passion for leadership, community and supporting others, are well connected in the business community, then becoming a CORE Leadership Facilitator could be a great way to do something you love and have a bigger impact.

Facilitate a community that fosters whole-life success with the expertise of a diverse knowledge base, individual coaching, and a committed group of caring peers.


CORE Facilitators are conscious leaders who gather other conscious leaders together in an ongoing community – CEO’s, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders – to grow as leaders and as human beings, and support each other’s most important goals. As a CORE Facilitator you build and bring forward the genius of the collective gathering of conscious leaders to foster their individual growth, navigate challenges and succeed in work and in life.

CORE is an elite collaborative community that helps foster each member’s whole-life success through practical and high-level teachings from our diverse member knowledge base, individual coaching, and the support structure created by a committed group of caring peers.

Unlike other masterminds, CORE stands for whole-life success— what it means to be not just successful in business, but a successful human being, both personally and professionally, by placing what matters most back into the center of our lives.

“Beyond money and power, we need a third metric to define success. This third measure of success goes beyond the two metrics of money and power, and consists of four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.”
—Arianna Huffington

Attempting to improve business outcomes by focusing only on the business won’t work. One must strive towards personal leadership and self-mastery to effectively lead an organization, and self-mastery is developed in relation to others. So it can be said that the best recipe for success is collaboration that nurtures self-mastery. This is what the early masterminds brought—the friendly alliances necessary to develop self and further goals.

Each Facilitator builds and operates their own group and is responsible for facilitating group meetings and being an available coach for the individual members in their groups. You can also bring in other coaches who have executive coaching experience.

We provide structure, content, training and support for facilitation and for enrollment. We will use our network of members, website and social media to promote your group and to help generate candidates.


You have the opportunity to build a strong revenue stream using our proven model.

If you believe you have the capability and the motivation to be a CORE Facilitator, read on for details of the training and opportunity.


If you believe you have the capability and the motivation to be a CORE Facilitator, read on for details of the training and opportunity.