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Welcome to the information page for the new Friends and Family of CORE Leadership Circle.

This 6-month program is designed to empower the lives of those closest to our CORE community.  As such, you must be in relationship with a CORE member, alumni, or Advisory Board member to be eligible.  All relationships, from spouses, significant others, parents, siblings, adult children or friends are eligible. 


Over the years, as our CORE members have expanded their emotional intelligence and made significant changes in their lives, there has been a call for these tools & processes to be made available to those they most care about.

This program has been created to support & empower those in relationship with our CORE members who have seen the growth and development of their friends and family and would like to have that for themselves.

In this progam, you will:

  • Expand your effectiveness as you respond to the inevitable challenges of life & work.
  • Begin to understand the differences between your "inner game" (thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs) and your "outer game" (actions, behaviors, results). Learn to empower your inner game to get more of what you want in your outer game.
  • Learn to create the experience of life you want. There is more to life than simply surviving or getting the "things" you think will make you happy. By moving your focus to your experience of life, you begin to move away from worry, stress, judgements, and resistance, and move toward true joy & happiness.  You can let go of the fundamental dissatisfaction with your life, and generate the experience that you want your life to be.
  • Discover your authentic power. Only through exploring your own deeper truth, can you align your actions such that you are filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning This is your source of authentic power, and leads to effective & meaningful action. 
  • Transform your relationship to listening and sharing your authentic truth. You will learn how to listen in a way that is transformational and how to tell the truth in any situation without generating an argument.
  • Learn skills and tools that your loved ones in the CORE Leadership Circle have learned. Having a shared mindset, skills and language with your family member or close friend will add real value to your relationship and open up meaningful dialogue.
  • Be part of a supportive Conscious Community of people committed to their own growth.

This program is an "intensive" designed to leave you with tools & processes you can use for the rest of your life.  While most programs would teach one or two of these tools, with the CORE Friends & Family program, you will explore all of these tools:


Doing vs. Being

It is common to believe that what you do matters most, but we know that your state of being is actually primary to any result.  Explore this uncommon path and experience a new kind of life - one based on your choice of who to be.

Shifting the Victim to Power Triangle

Fundamental to being human is the experience of being a victim - to your parents, your boss, circumstances, or simply life.  Your authentic power exists when you move from the Victim to Power triangle.  This framework shines new light on how you can interact in life, and be powerful in the face of any circumstance.


Generous Listening, Listening Filters, Unarguable Speaking

The "listening" module of the program offers key Transformational Listening skills, leaving you a more powerful communicator.  Through these empowering listening and speaking skills, you will know how to get more of what you desire in life, and leave others honored & appreciated in the process.

Intentional Energetic Presence® created by Anese Cavanaugh

Your energy signature has an impact on every situation in your life.  Learn the IEP Method® from the founder of this powerful framework that has transformed thousands of individuals.


Heart/Mind Coherence

Most of us experience life as a series of choices between listening to our heart or listening to our head.  When you master true heart/mind coherence, your thoughts and actions come from your most authentic core, and this sense of duality is reduced - you experience integration and ease in ways you never thought possible.

Workplace Big 5 Assessment and Coaching

This assessment, unlike so many personality tests, is not designed to tell you "who you are," it is designed to help you understand where you can best use your energy and talents, in work & life.  Susan will use her 20+ years of experience with this assessment to support you in understanding the structures of your life that can be empowered through this knowledge & implementation.  You will finally understand why some things "come easy" and others require so much effort - and be able to make changes to bring more power & ease to life.


Much more...

A lifetime of coaching, training and transformational education has empowered Susan with a nearly unlimited toolbox.  In your individual group coaching sessions, Susan will use & teach any and all processes needed to support you to create the life you truly desire.

How it's all delivered

The program runs over 6 months and includes virtual, in-person, small group and individual interactions.

Select each tab to find out more details about each of these program elements.


Monthly Training

One Saturday each month join Susan and your fellow participants for an engaging and interactive training session on one of the CORE topics.

Sessions will be via Zoom from 9 AM - 11 AM, and will be recorded for future viewing.

Special opening session in January 2021 will be from 9 - Noon.

Twice Monthly Group Coaching
In-Person Gathering
One-on-One Private Coaching


Bonus 1:

Big 5 Workplace Assessment

When you enroll in the Friends & Family program, you'll be invited to take the Big 5 Workplace Assessment.  This assessment, unlike so many personality tests, is not designed to tell you "who you are," it is designed to help you understand where you can best use your energy and talents, in work & life.

You'll then get an hour long coaching session with Susan to interpret these results and empower you to use them in our life.

This assessment and coaching is a $1500 value when purchased alone.

Bonus 2:

Key CORE Trainings Inclusion

Throughout the 6 month program, the CORE Mastermind Group may be holding special training sessions.  As a member of the Friends & Family program, you will be invited to participate in any of these that occur during your 6-month program.

These may include trainings such as Crucial Conversations, Psych-K Facilitator Training, Intentional Energetic Presence training, and others.

This invitation will be extended and your participation is voluntary, and encouraged.

Investment Options

The base investment for the CORE Friends & Family program is $4497. 

Payment plans are available.

See below for opportunities to save.

Pay In Full Discount

$3997 when Paid In Full by Jan. 11
  • 6 Monthly Group Training Sessions
  • 12 Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • 3 One-on-One Personal Coaching Sessions
  • 1 In-person Gathering
  • Bonus #1: Big 5 Workplace Assessment & Coaching
  • Bonus #2: Invitations to special CORE trainings

Immediate Family

$2997 Spouses & Children of Active CORE members save 30%
  • 6 Monthly Group Training Sessions
  • 12 Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • 3 One-on-One Personal Coaching Sessions
  • 1 In-person Gathering
  • Bonus #1: Big 5 Workplace Assessment & Coaching
  • Bonus #2: Invitations to special CORE trainings

Have a business and want to bring these skills to your company or leadership team? Reach out to discuss special program development and pricing.

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Connect with Susan

You were invited to check out this page by a friend or family member who cares about you living life powerfully.

Let your friend or family member connect you with Susan via email and schedule a conversation to see exactly how this program can support what you are up to in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program runs January 23, 2021 – June 19, 2021

Group training sessions are: 

Saturday, Jan. 23  - Opening Session: 9am – Noon via Zoom

Saturday, Feb. 20 - 9am – 11am via Zoom

Saturday, Mar. 27 - 9am – 11am via Zoom

Saturday, Apr. 17 - 9am – 11am via Zoom

Saturday, May 22 - In-Person Gathering in LA: 9am – 1pm

Saturday, May 29 - In-Person Gathering in East Bay: 9am – 1pm

Saturday, June 19 - Closing Session: 9am – 11 AM via Zoom

Group coaching sessions will be held alternating Tuesday's each month:

Specific calendar will be published to participants.

All individual coaching sessions will be scheduled directly.

Note: All times Pacific