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Joining CORE has been one of the best decisions of my life.


Anese Cavanaugh
Creator of the IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence),
Author of Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives

“Joining CORE and working with Susan Mayginnes has been not only one of the best business decisions of my life, but life decisions of my life.

The community and content has provided me with a group of colleagues who have quickly become trusted friends, business advisers, collaborators, and magic in my life. The container that is held is unmatchable in terms of quality, legitimacy, intent, content, heart, and a commitment to impact that makes everyone lead from a place of truth and service.

Not only has my heart and soul been tended to in this work in community, my leadership is becoming more expansive, my mindset is clearer, and my business is also growing in ways that are creating more impact, revenue, and space for me to do my best work, be a great mom, and enjoy my life. A program that addresses -- in community and also individually -- things like mindset, beliefs, purpose, impact, revenue, business models, platform, edges, presence, relationships, and leading in the here and NOW playing a bigger and bigger game is almost impossible to write about... and here you go.



Julie Gordon White, CEO
The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs

This is life-changing work with amazing leaders and peers.

"I joined the Mastermind in 2015 to breakthrough the blocks I was having while trying to grow my second company.

I had been very successful as the founder of a boutique mergers and acquisitions firm, but had not been able to achieve the same levels of financial and personal success with my consulting and coaching company.

Since joining the mastermind, I have gained insight to understand how my unknown beliefs were limiting my success, along with the critical tools to create a breakthrough beyond my imagination!

And the breakthroughs are happening! Not only have I just launched my new podcast - I'm working with Good Morning America on a segment!  If that's not enough, I just got invited to do my first TEDx talk, and I'm 'in progress' on my next book."


Carson Faris, CEO
Phoenix Investment Funds

Deep, Honest Connection & Support

My business partner and I are just wrapping up our third year in CORE. We were shocked when we hit our one-year goal in less than 6 months, and have achieved more in these three years than we thought possible!

For the last three years, CORE has been a safe place for me to grow, as well as be challenged. The Mastermind is about being open and honest with yourself, sharing your goals, your strengths, your weaknesses, and being willing to accept support.

This is a community of leaders & peers committed to deep and honest connection - something rarely found in life, much less in business.
What CORE really is, is the people!  This powerful group of conscious individuals provides me invaluable guidance, clarity, support, and care. It’s a place to explore possibilities and then get the support to turn those possibilities into actual results.
It's inspiring to be with such a committed and caring group, and my personal & professional life shows the tremendous benefits available... My business is thriving & growing faster than I have thought possible, and I've continued to expand my own leadership abilities in business & life.

Antonio Hachem, Vice President // PSRS

I have more than Doubled my Income!

“In 2000, I chose to stay in the US - effectively leaving my family, friends and everything else behind.  I knew that starting all over was what was next for me - I wanted to grow, be challenged and gain the ability to make a difference. No better place than the 'land of opportunities.'

Starting a whole new life was exciting but mostly terrifying. It was not easy to build true friendships while learning a new job, getting accustomed to a new culture, and starting a family.  Some I admired invited me to consider CORE.  I was impressed by his way of showing up, thinking, and communicating - so I told myself 'I want that!'

As soon as I met Susan, I was in!  Susan is always fully engaged and never satisfied with the status quo. Since I have joined CORE, I have become a better person, father, husband and friend. CORE’s extraordinary group of world-changers are my new friends and family.

Through introductions from my brothers and sisters at CORE, I have more than doubled my income as a commercial mortgage banker and I have achieved one of my goals of investing and owning commercial properties. I truly believe that this is just the beginning and that there is even more goodness to come.  I am simply blessed to have this group of people in my life!”

“Joining the Conscious Leadership Program has been instrumental in facilitating my growth as a leader and as a human being. Susan’s facilitation has been outstanding. Her ability to perceive, interpret and provide feedback both on my strengths and development areas has been one of the most valuable parts of participating in the CLC program. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan as well as CLC to any leader interested in becoming the best they can.”

Adam Robinson, CEO // Gov Place


Justin Esayian
Land Broker

CORE brings together world class personal development and business leadership coaching, as well as leading edge thinking around the mechanics of the mind and creates a community of peers who support each other in becoming our best "selves."

In my time with CORE I have achieved my highest sales volumes ever, grown into new business lines that compliment my main expertise and seen new levels of deep communication and contentedness with my wife and children.

For me, CORE is home for a group of leaders looking to accomplish more than purely maximizing business related results (though you can certainly achieve to a higher level with the support you will receive here). This is chance to be a part of a community who provides a holistic support structure which enables and empowers you to make a greater impact on your loved ones and the world at large.

“Susan has an extraordinary skill that cuts to the heart of the matter in short order.

Her exceptional expertise in identifying personal and team dynamics that inhibit growth and improved performance and designing breakthrough strategies has proven to be extremely valuable to our organization.”

George Searcy, Executive Director // Hope Through Housing

309% Gross Revenues Increase!

“The 12 months prior to starting Susan’s CEO Program, my company had gross revenues (total sales) of $830,000. In the year following the program, our gross revenues were $3,393,000. That’s an increase of 309%. And this was done during the recession and subsequent soft recovery. And we continue to grow like crazy. When The Program started we had 6 locations, all in San Diego County. Now, we have 14 locations throughout San Diego County, Orange County, and LA. We’re going to open locations in the SF Bay area in January. I credit a good portion of our growth as being made possible by the changes I went through with my participation in the CEO Program”

Matt Hedman, CEO // The Perfect Workout, Inc.


"Susan provides an unparalleled opportunity for busy executives to focus on what we want to create in our lives from both a professional and personal perspective."

Richard Cisakowski, CEO // Distinguished Homes


“Susan’s work with me has transformed my life and the lives of those around me. Friends, family and colleagues have commented how enjoyable it is to be with me now, where in the past I subconsciously kept them at bay. Susan’s unintimidating style made it easy for me to speak the truth. I use the tools and practices she taught to me every day.”

David J Shohfi, Vice President // Sales and Marketing

"Xavier is wonderful to work with; I felt at ease in his presence, he was comforting and encouraging in his method, and I am amazed and grateful for the results I experienced in so short a time with him."

Gini Kalton, Co-Founder // KaltonCommunications, Foley, MN

“Susan’s years of experience are part of the formula that makes her an outstanding teacher, facilitator and group leader. She has incredible intuition and insight and is the absolute best at helping people to become more aware of their self-limiting thoughts. But even more, she has a gentle and unique way of helping you to grow beyond even your own expectations! I highly recommend Susan!”

Pam Russell //

"In an imaginative and very effective way, without lectures or criticism, Susan opened our eyes to the counterproductive, often petty and misguided culture and negative habits and systems we were obliviously encouraging.

Susan guided us into putting in place an effective, long term program based on teamwork, respect and understanding, an easy to follow system that led to far better functioning and made our firm more effective, well -liked and successful.

It has been a better place to work, too! I highly recommend Susan as an effective, smart, resourceful and very knowledgeable organizational consultant."

Rich Reynolds, Sr. Partner // BSRA Law

With a Strong Inner-Game & a Smart Outer-Game. Ready for the challenege?

“I’ve known Susan for nearly 30 years and I can definitely say that she is all of the following: Insightful Reliable Extraordinary at facilitating meetings/seminars/workshops and Fun. In addition she is able to connect with all kinds of people and build a safety environment that makes it easy for people to open up to her. If you hire Susan, she will over deliver.”

Rick Itzkowitch, Co-Founder // Productive Learning

“Susan easily transforms conflict into learning and creates an environment of heightened creativity, allowing clients to transform stuck attitudes and positions into new possibilities and positive action.”

Janice Beard Bull, Director // Somatic Psychology Dept., Naropa Institute


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