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The Evolution of the Mastermind

We see a world where accomplished and influential business people, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders have the whole-person support they need to live a truly remarkable life.


Whole-life success—what it means to be a successful human being—requires placing what really matters back into the center of our lives.


We help our members grow with problem solving resources, a safe space to be vulnerable, and support in living their earning potential so they’re free to make the impact they’re here to make.

“I consider CORE Mastermind to be the single largest contributor to my personal and professional growth.”
—Matt Beck, Beck Investment Group


Diverse Expertise


Individual Coaching


Committed Community

2 Yearly Retreats

12 Monthly Groups

52 Weekly Pods


Across California

Influential business people, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders


“With this work, my heart and soul have been tended to, my leadership is becoming more expansive, my mindset is clearer, and my business is growing in ways that create more impact, revenue, and space for me to do my best work, be a great mom, and enjoy my life.”

“Since joining CORE, I have become a better person, father, husband, and friend. I have more than doubled my income, and I have achieved one of my goals of investing and owning commercial properties.”


CORE Mastermind is Peer-Led & Supported

We encourage collaboration because we know we’re not meant to “go it alone.”


Susan Mayginnes Howard

Susan brings powerful transformational methods to organizations and leaders for greater team performance and results. Formerly co-founder and director of training for personal and professional development company The Summit Organization, she graduated over 40,000 people from its innovative programs and helped build it to a $14 million dollar company in 8 years.

“CORE brings together world-class professional development and business leadership coaching, as well as leading-edge thinking around the mechanics of the mind.”

—Justin Esayian, Land Broker


Kathleen Dameron

Kathleen Dameron, an American based in Paris, has more than 30 years experience coaching, facilitating, and training within multinational companies in French, English and Spanish.
Through her French consultancy, she has coached American, European and Asian executives all over the world helping organizations to transform their cultural diversity into a competitive advantage.
As adjunct professor, Kathleen has taught leadership development and workplace multicultural skills at the leading French business schools ESSEC (ranked #2 in France) KEDGE and IFG.  As director of on-line Leadership programs in the Executive Education Division of a French business school, Kathleen designed and ran an on-line executive MBA program with over 200 participants based in France, French speaking Africa (40%), Canada and the Middle East.


Robin Graham

Robin knows that your mindset is your success multiplier. For almost three decades, she has worked with business executives, civic leaders, change makers, and entrepreneurs to optimize their lives, enhance their careers and communities, and expand their business impact through powerful mindset change.

Robin brings  a strong foundation of practical application and cutting edge information, and has the background to understand the unique demands of both the corporate and small business arenas.

Robin uses leading-edge methods & innovative, breakthrough technologies that transform resistance and aligns mindset with goals. This leads to personal alignment, better decision making, and ultimately, sustainable success.  With Robin's support, you can activate latent potential and expand opportunities for living your greatness.


Victoria Stevens

Victoria Stevens, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, speaker, researcher and educator. She is the director of the Stevens Creativity, Imagination and Leadership Training. She holds a BA with honors in philosophy, cello and theatre from the University of Kansas, an MA and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (CGI in Los Angeles) .

In addition to being a faculty member at many esteemed institutions, Vicki provides professional development training for teachers in public and private schools across the country on the subjects of creativity, the arts, emotional regulation, imagination and metacognition as they relate to life-long learning and academic achievement for all children.

She has a private psychoanalytic psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults in West Los Angeles.

Sam Chan

Sam Chan, and I'm the Founder and CEO of Applied Computer Online Services - the World's Largest Online Computer Store, headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, and I'm a Master Buddhist and NLP Master.

Nick LeForce

Nick LeForce, the Transformational Poet, has over 35 years of experience in the field of human communication and development. He holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Graduate degree in a Rehabilitation Administration; he is a certified trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and is an ICF certified coach (PCC). He is also board certified as an examiner for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Nick is president of Inner Works, established in 1992, a coaching and training company located in Northern California, providing executive coaching services to businesses as well as personal coaching services to individuals.

He is particularly known for his language skills and elegant use of poetry to help people find their own voice, reclaim their soul, and walk a path with heart. Nick is author of several books, including his latest, The Work Of Being Your Self (2016).

Advisory Board

Our powerful Advisory Board incorporate their unique expertise into the process and help direct the content of the program. Most have led sessions for the group as well and have been available as coaches or advisers to our members.


Steve Lishansky
Founder & Principal, Optimize International

More about Steve... 


Judi Spear
Founder & Principal, RV Rhodes

More about Judi & RV Rhodes... 


Jim Coughlin
Chief Yoga Officer

More about Jim... 


Bruce Lipton, PhD
Internationally Renowned Author & Cellular Biologist

More about Bruce... 


Shelle Rose Charvet
President, Success Strategies

More about Shelle... 


“This is life-changing work with amazing leaders and peers.”
—Julie Gordon White, CEO, The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs

We are always looking to expand our community and its resources.

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