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Join a community that fosters whole-life success with the expertise of a diverse knowledge base, unlimited individual coaching, and a committed group of loving peers.

The Evolution Of The core leadership circle

Whole-life success—what it means to be a successful human being—requires placing what really matters back into the center of our lives.
We help our members grow with problem-solving resources, a safe space to be vulnerable, and support in unlocking their full potential so they’re empowered to forge their best future.

I consider CORE Leadership Circle to be the single largest contributor to my personal and professional growth

Matt Beck, Beck Investment Group

Unlock Your Potential with Core LEADERSHIP CIRCLE

Diverse Expertise for Holistic Growth

Access a wealth of diverse expertise from accomplished professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Our community brings together individuals from various backgrounds, allowing for cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives.

Individual Coaching for Personalized Success

Receive personalized coaching from industry experts who are committed to your growth and success. Our coaches provide one-on-one guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Committed Community for Support and Collaboration

Join a committed community of like-minded individuals who are invested in your success. Together, we create a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and personal transformation.

MonthlyIn-Person Sessions For Continued Growth

Our Monthly Sessions ensure you stay on track toward the commitments you made to yourself.  Surrounded by your community, you’ll experience the power of a consistent touchpoint for living into your vision. 

Diverse Expertise for Holistic Growth

Our Weekly Pods offer a structured environment to evaluate your week's accomplishments and plan for the week ahead. Supported by a smaller, dedicated group, these sessions are your weekly catalysts for immediate and consistent progress, knowing you never have to go it alone.

What people are saying

I took an untouchable objective and dream and brought it to life. I wanted to talk about awe in the world and now I do it in my work everyday.

Candra Canning
Founder, Live Bright Now

"I was able to change my entire business structure and successfully relaunch my brand with renewed confidence, optimism, and sharper vision. The amount of resilience, sacrifice and overcoming impossible obstacles it took, would not have been possible without my inner transformation that was put into motion by joining CORE."

Stella Carakasi
Founder & Designer, Stella Carakasi

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"If you are leading an organization, you need to understand your limitations to overcome them to practice leadership at a higher level to be an effective executive. The Core program will teach you how to do this."

Arturo Noriega
Founder & CEO, Centro Community Partners

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"I learned a way to navigate a path not just 'out' of the business I had, but more importantly; 'through'. I discovered that a finite end to it was not the only option and was able to craft another iteration that allowed me a tremendous amount of freedom to pursue my creative dream, while still generating stress free revenue to support my new endeavor. The support I received was integral to this transition, and came in forms I did not expect, but was delighted to discover."

Kersteen Anderson
K. Anders Anderson Fine Art

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"Core has helped me see that I could "hang" with other accomplished, successful people. It was a big confidence boost for me."

Rebecca Williams
Founder, Rebecca Williams Communications

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I am transformed after six years of working with Susan and CORE Leadership. Not only have I learned incredible tools to continue my own personal and professional growth, but I have connected with a beautiful community who have witnessed my own personal transformation and given me the gift to witness theirs. In my first year with the CORE Leadership Circle, I was able to exceed my goals ten times over! I discovered hidden strengths and talents and how to utilize them beyond measure. I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without this group and Susan's guidance.

Anita Dharapuram
VP Community Consultant

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Founded in 2012 by Susan Mayginnes Howard, Core Leadership Circle has grown nationwide, and our facilitators are the cornerstone of that success. Skilled in our unique methodology, they offer the expert guidance that transforms our community into a catalyst for holistic life achievement.Facilitators host communities in cities across the country - look for a community near you today.


Our powerful Advisory Board incorporates their unique expertise into the process and helps direct the content of the program. They have led sessions for the group and are available as coaches or advisors to our members.

This is life-changing work with amazing leaders and peers.

Julie Gordon White, CEO, The WELL
for Women Entrepreneurs


Ready to Transform Your Life?

It's time to embark on a transformative journey towards whole-life success with the Core Leadership Circle Program in our supportive community and unlock your true potential today.

All Conscious Leaders Are Invited To Apply!

Ready to Transform Your Life?

It's time to embark on a transformative journey towards whole-life success with the Core Leadership Circle Program in our supportive community and unlock your true potential today.

All Conscious Leaders Are Invited To Apply!

What’s Waiting for
You Inside

Gain invaluable insights and diverse expertise from accomplished professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.
Receive personalized coaching tailored to your unique needs and goals for accelerated growth.
Collaborate and learn from a committed community of like-minded individuals who are invested in your success.
Immerse yourself in our program with retreats, group sessions, and weekly pods designed for deep connection and growth.
Discover the power of whole-life success and live a truly remarkable life.
All groups are curated and limited in size, with new cohorts forming regularly.. Apply today and take the first step towards an extraordinary journey of personal and professional growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Core LEADERSHIP CIRCLE cost?

The investment for the Core Leadership Circle varies based on the location of the circle.   Our members consistently report a positive financial ROI, and a powerful personal growth ROI, with 92% returning year after year.  

When you speak to your Leadership Circle Facilitator, they will share with you the specific pricing details, as well as payment options that are available.

How much time do I need to commit to the program?

The Core Leadership Circle is not a program that is seperate from you, your life, and your business.  You'll need to devote the retreat weekends away from work & business, and 1 day a month to the in-person sessions.  Beyond that, the time and effort that you commit to Core Leadership Circle is really dependent upon what you want to get from the program.  The more your outcome matters to you, the more you will be compelled to "do the work" over the course of the year.

Is the program relevant to my industry or goals?

When you join the Core Leadership Circle, you will define your unique outcome.  Over the year, our curriculum and coaching approach uses universal principles of personal and professional growth to empower your transformation. You'll develop essential skills, learn & leverage true collaboration, and develop whole-life success - while achieving your most important outcomes.

How is the Core Leadership Circle different from other coaching programs?

What sets the Core Leadership Circle program apart is our unique combination of diverse expertise, individual coaching, and a committed community. We emphasize the holistic development of our members, providing problem-solving resources, a safe space for vulnerability, and support in unlocking their full potential. The program goes beyond surface-level strategies and addresses the whole person, empowering participants to make a lasting impact.

Our 92% renewal rate is a testimony to the profound and lasting impact that Core Leadership Circle makes in the lives of our participants.