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You’re an experienced leadership coach, community builder, therapist, or facilitator who is already successful but wants to expand your impact. You believe success is more than just material, and your passion for elevating others is unparalleled.

If this sounds like you, then we invite you to explore the incredible opportunity of becoming a Core Leadership Circle Facilitator.

Establish a Foundation for Success

At CORE, we believe that true success goes beyond external achievements. We advocate for an approach that emphasizes personal fulfillment, authenticity, and the power of community. As a CORE Facilitator, you play a vital role in empowering conscious leaders to achieve their most important goals, both in their professional and personal lives.

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The CORE Facilitator Difference

Core Leadership Circle is not just another mastermind group. We are a vibrant community of conscious leaders who are committed to supporting and uplifting each other. By becoming a CORE facilitator, you can be part of this transformational community and make a profound impact.

Embrace the Power of Community and Collaboration

You will have the unique opportunity to gather a community of like-minded individuals, including CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Together, you will form a supportive network that fosters personal growth, professional development, and whole-life success.

By facilitating meaningful conversations, sharing collective wisdom, and providing unwavering support, you will create an environment where members can thrive and reach new levels of achievement.

Our Facilitator Training

We provide everything you need to be a powerful facilitator

We provide everything you need to be a powerful facilitator and grow a thriving business built around the Core Leadership Circle.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes licensing to use our Diamond Model of Growth.  This includes a defined curriculum, unique conversational models (our intellectual property) developed through 20+ years of leadership development, and proven processes that move participants forward.

Our aim is to enhance the effectiveness of each individual member and amplify the group’s collective ability to foster meaningful collaboration and generate powerful solutions together. Our system transcends the conventional scope of a typical mastermind group and cultivates a dedicated and cohesive community.

The entire course comprises:

A  Live  Masterminding Experience

We kick-off your program with an  immersive 5-day retreat at a stunning resort location. You’ll experience the essence of a Core Leadership Circle Opening Retreat weekend, while beginning your training to becoming a Facilitator.

Professional Enrollment Training

We’ve partnered with Neal Tricarico of Ultimate Growth to deliver 8 weeks of specialized training and enrollment coaching customized for Core Leadership Circle.. Neal developed the sales training for Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery program and achieved top sales performance within that program.  He also played a pivotal role in growing Deepak Chopra’s business from $800,000 to $8 million in just 3 years. He excels in coaching individuals to enroll high-tier clients into high-ticket programs like Core Leadership Circle.

It’s our commitment that this training will empower you to a positive ROI during this 4-month Facilitator Training program.

Lead Generation

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation team will provide you with interested and qualified leads ready for enrollment conversations.  Once you are trained in powerful enrollment conversations, this team will provide 3 months of leads, empowering you to augment your own network and expand your reach.

Curriculum and Content

You’ll be fully trained on an impactful and empowering year-long mastermind curriculum.  This proven format  effectively accomplishes 90% of the facilitation tasks, granting you more time and energy to focus on being present to guide and support the participants.

You’ll get all the agendas, worksheets, processes and handouts for 2 retreats and 10 monthly sessions.

Operations Tools and Methods

We’ll provide you with the entire business aspect of running and scaling a Core Leadership Circle.  This includes budget management, organizing retreats, handling logistical aspects, creating effective marketing materials, and more.

Your Own Mastermind Experience

Participate with fellow facilitators in a dynamic 4-month online Mastermind experience.  You’ll use the same tools you will facilitate in your own program to grow and develop your facilitation mastery.  We use weekly training sessions, engaging masterminding opportunities, participation in small group “pods,” and individual coaching to empower you to your own transformation.

By the end, you will have received

New Skills, Insights, and Meaningful Connections
Intensive Specialized Training Designed by Experts
Personalized Lead Generation for Streamlined Client Acquisition
Comprehensive Business Resources for All Your Questions
A Supportive Community to Enhance Your Growth
All of these benefits are what set CORE Facilitators apart from the rest.

Join Our Community of Impactful Facilitators

You will not only have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others but also to create a lucrative income stream doing what you love. You'll have the freedom to build your facilitation practice in a way that suits your schedule and availability - no longer simply trading time for money, but building a true business.


If you believe you have the capability and motivation to succeed as a Core Facilitator...

Talk to Susan

During that call, she’ll share the entirety of the opportunity, how it all works from a licensing perspective, and help you determine if you can be successful in this model.

We do not accept anyone who we are not completely sure can be successful as a Core Leadership Circle Facilitator.

Thank you for sharing your decades of experience, and understanding of the theoretical, psychological AND spiritual aspects of a mastermind.  The leadership circle dynamic represents a reliable, open and flexible framework — and it sort of feels like I found something I didn’t even realize I’ve been looking for!